Top Bucks Party Ideas Melbourne

Bucks parties are an occasion that happens often. So, it is important to ensure that your friend has an unforgettable time celebrating that last moment of being a single and unattached guy before entering into marriage. And what are the better ways to celebrate than throwing the groom a bachelor’s party, also known as a bucks party.

Usually, this involves getting all the guys together and enjoying the night with drinks and foods in Melbourne local hangout spot with strippers, sexy waitresses, comedians and DJ’s. Nevertheless, taking advantage of typical bucks ideas does not have any surprising effect to the best buddy of yours. Below are a few fun and new ideas that he will definitely enjoy and cherish.

Celebrate the night bucks on the water

Instead of celebrating the last hours of your freedom in the usual places, why not do it on the water. By hiring a party boat service provider, a bachelor’s party would be more successful than expected. Everyone would be quite overwhelmed and surprised with the fun throughout the celebration.

But it also requires an effort. Make sure to consider a scenic location and a magnificent view of the city lights in Melbourne. At the end of the day, the groom and the rest would expect a party with a unique and exciting appeal. After being aware of the best place for the party, make an arrangement with the company about the food and exotic dancers for entertainment purposes.

Adventurous activities

Whether the groom or his group of friends love adventures, celebrating the bucks night in some adventurous activities plays an essential role to the success of the occasion. They can go riding a jet boat or river rafting. The waves of the water and the small rock formation are one of the things all of you would appreciate. Aside from that, the bluish sky, the hum of the birds and the magnificent views are the other things you can anticipate during the day. You can also think about other water sport activities depending on what most of you prefer. Other amazing alternatives can be skydiving, bungee jumping or going to a park. All the rides it provides make this bucks idea a great option.

Cook all the favourite foods of the groom

Cooking has been considered a woman’s domain. The better way to change the stereotype is to include learning how to cook into one of the bucks party ideas. But this does not necessarily mean cooking packs of ramen but learning from a talented cook how to prepare a few gourmet dishes. If most of you have a difficult time about specific cuisine, taking a class to master cooking barbecue and flavorful and spicy pizzas are good to do. Also, you can grab the opportunity of brewing a beer.

In case all of these do not interest all the guys at all, food tasting in a known fine dining restaurant in Melbourne is a huge deal. Take advantage of the variety of drinks it provides to complete the overall quality of the event.

Brewery tours

Not only an excuse to drink throughout the day, club tours are full of history on how every beer is made and what special ingredients are used to bring up the ideal and satisfying characteristics of the alcoholic beverages. Melbourne beer tours give the gang of boys the chance a guided experience around the microbreweries as well as bars in the city. When they happen to be fond of drinking a beer, then they will love chatting with bar owners, beer masters and other individuals. Sampling the most craft beers will never disappoint the groom and his friends.

Live out all your bond fantasies

Start off the bucks party in luxury and catchy style by renting a limousine to pick up the group, escorting them to the hottest clubs in Melbourne. Generally, they will receive hours of lounge attendants for the night with VIP treatment when it comes to beers and other top end spirits.

Take a road trip to Melbourne

Even though this sounds a cheap option, seeing sites and making memories provide an experience that luxury bucks ideas could not give. Start from selecting the best destination in mind. Make sure to be spontaneous for a much better result. A Melbourne road trip is indeed an awesome choice because it is versatile enough in the sense that it can cater to those who are fond of outdoor activities. Plus, everyone can also think about stopping by a casino.


Nothing rivals the shame factor of a karaoke performance. Take the groom together with his groomsmen out to a karaoke night in Melbourne. Tell the soon-to-be husband that he sounds exceptional singing his own version of his favorite song. Then, don’t forget to video his performance. Every time he sees it after the celebration, he would feel quite humiliated but with laughter of course.

Attending concerts in Melbourne

Check out if there are shows coming up to rock the bucks party. With the music being sung by his favorite artists, the scream of the entire audience and the sounds are the things that make a live performance vivacious as well as engaging. Let them bring a video camera for documentation. You can also include heading out on Melbourne into the schedule. The groom would consider the night as the best day ever he had.

Adrenalin Fix

Boosting adrenalin during a bucks party is a unique and brilliant idea. Apart from jet skiing, wakeboarding and rally car driving are the other options you can weigh in mind. With the demand from different bachelors and soon to get married throughout Melbourne, there are thousands of tour operators that have highly tailored services out there, making the search much convenient and stress-free. Incorporate one of these activities into that once in a lifetime event.

Since wedding preparation is a bit complicated, it would be best to take the services offered in Melbourne into account. Hiring a competent and reputable one will give you a peace of mind from the start to finish, making the celebration very special!

Tops Bucks Party Ideas Brisbane

Saying goodbye to being a bachelor and hello to a marriage is not easy. To make that possible, why not consider the utmost importance of doing a bucks party. When you encounter a trouble on how to make that day special and unforgettable, there is no need to search over the internet. Here are the top bucks party ideas you should weigh in mind.

Bubble Soccer

Want the groom or a friend of yours laugh out throughout the night bucks? Or perhaps, give him a fun experience before he enters marriage? Whatever the case maybe, the Bubble Soccer is one of the most enjoying activities you can choose. Just find a reputable bubble soccer team in Brisbane for your convenience. With that thought in mind, all bubble suits and other important gears will be provided. Plus, anyone who is part of the night party will be given instructions for safety.

Party Boat

Since bucks night is an event that happens once in a lifetime, spending enough budget to make it amazing is worth it. To achieve the celebration you prefer, partying on a boat is a suitable outdoor activity. The cold breeze, the magnificent scenery, and the participants themselves make a party on a boat interesting. You can also hire private DJ’s and comedians for entertainment. When the groom and his groomsmen love to play a casino game, why not take it into account. At the end of the day, all of them will have an experience they will cherish.

Jet Skiing

Does the groom love adventures? Then, why not include jet skiing in the list of your bucks ideas. You are very lucky as there are a variety of good places where to play a Jet Ski in Brisbane. From bluish water, white sand, comfortable cottage, state-of-the-art Jet Ski, cold breeze to stunning views, there are various things you can expect. Invite all the groom’s closest male friends and relatives to appreciate your effort as his best man.

Party Bus

Everyone wants to be the king of the road and the groom or your friend may have the same dream for sure. When it’s been a few days you started searching how to make it happen, a Party Bus is the answer you have been waiting for. Depending on the service provider, this could be a Coaster Bus, Stretch Hummer or Double Decker Party Bus.

Whatever his choice is, cruising around the streets via the Part Bus he desires the most with you and other groomsmen would be awesome. Make sure to listen to the music. Play the list of songs that the groom loves. You can also include a sexy, gorgeous and topless waitress or stripper for fun. You are very fortunate as looking for one will be much easier and simpler in Brisbane. In fact, it would not take much time.

Bar/Club Functions

When you have a bar or even a club function for the bucks night of the groom and other guests, there are a lot of ideas you can take advantage of. From including bar, karaoke, DJ’s, meals, waitresses to decorations, there are endless things you can absolutely do.

When it is about time to choose a Strip Club, select the one with drink packages or excellent bottle service. But most of the time they are quite expensive, so prepare your pocket. Fortunately, there are affordable services that best suit your needs. By doing enough research and not taking shortcuts, you have a high change of hiring a cost-effective provider.


Typically, bucks parties are celebrated in a club. But these days a lot of people think about karting. When your close friend who is soon to get married does not even try karting, it is about time to introduce this game to him during the last night of being a bachelor. Since the party buck consists of many activities, going karting is a great start.


How about incorporating bowling into the bucks night? Just like the other bucks ideas, this is going to be more fun. Divide all guys into two teams and the losers will be the one who will pay for the pitchers. Even though this is not as expensive as partying on a boat or celebrating the night in a club, this is a perfect alternative when you do not have enough budget.

Pizza and Bear

Pizza and bear are always part of any occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and bucks parties. Although they are common, ordering such products is still a great decision. Also, even they do not require much effort, the groom will surely be happy. Spending the night with his friends, colleagues and relatives is the main key to have a successful, special and memorable celebration.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items to start with. Divide yourselves into teams, maybe two or three would be enough and make sure to meet a specific time. To make this scavenger hunt more engaging, you can brainstorm with other groomsmen. You can also search the net for more effective and wonderful ideas.

Sports Night

This activity is simple and hassle-free. You just have to arrange the bucks party on a particular big game, including cricket, rugby, etc. Then, take a corner of a local sports bar the groom chooses. Settle back and enjoy the entire game with other guys. While watching, eat the food all of you prefer. Sharing laughter with each other and remembering the past memories make this sports night fulfilling.

So, have you finally decided what bucks ideas you want to employ? Whatever it is, spend enough time to reach all the goals you set. Plus, think about the budget and the place in Brisbane. With that, 100% satisfaction and enjoyment will all be viable in the end. The last day of being a bachelor of the soon to be a husband will be one of the most exciting days of the groom’s life. Also, you will see that your buddy is much ready to get married as his best man!


Top Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney

Sending off a groom, especially if it’s a friend of yours, should be done in style. After all, it would be the last time that he can call himself a bachelor for he would soon be starting a family of his own. So, got some ideas for your friend’s bucks party? If not, here are some party ideas that you can consider.

Cruise, beer and barbecue

This idea is suitable for both bucks night and daylight, especially during summer months when the weather is hot. You can rent a boat and cruise on the famous harbour in Sydney. Of course, to make the experience more exciting, don’t forget to bring beers, barbecue and a pair of underwear in case you suddenly feel like going for a swim. You can also hire a topless waitress to serve the cold drinks.

A day tour on a luxury car

When organizing parties, you need to consider the interests of the groom and so, if the groom is interested in cars, then you can consider organizing a day tour on a luxury car for him. There are a lot of companies out there who can rent you a luxury car for a day. Allow the groom to drive the car to wherever he wanted to go to and to end the day, a bar should definitely be the last stop where the groom can drink to his heart’s extent.

An adventure packed party

If the groom is a thrill seeker, then an adventure packed party is a must. It can involve Jet Ski racing across the waters of Sydney, whatever it is that can make the groom’s heart pound fast. As going on a race with their mate can be quite exhausting, the day should end with lots of food. So, you can rent a house near the harbor or near the beach where you can prepare delicious meals or you can also hire a catering service too. For a truly extra ordinary experience, sky diving and go karting can also be a great idea.

Fine dining 

Let’s admit it, who doesn’t love to eat meat, especially a man? Nobody, right? So, a meat feast is yet another great party buck idea. There are a lot of restaurants in Sydney that offers different kinds of meat, so make a reservation beforehand. Don’t forget to order some drinks and side dishes too. If you have booked the entire restaurant, then you can also hire female performers to entertain you all throughout the night.

Poker session

Among the bucks ideas, this one is most suitable for grooms who are fond of playing poker. Nevertheless, it should include food and beverages as well and to ensure that the groom and his friends no longer need to stand from their seat just to fill their palate and conquer their thirst, hire a sexy waitress in a bikini to roam around the room. You can even ask her to feed the groom as he plays poker. It would surely be a fun and steamy night, especially if you have also made reservations to a nightclub nearby.

Wine escape

For grooms who are not fond of strippers, then they can have a wine escape buck party. Look for the best wineries in Sydney, especially those that is open for a tour on their farm, where you can witness the grapes being picked and turned into wine. On the other hand, as drinking wine all day long would be quite boring, look for a winery that is near a golf course. Then, you can rent a cart as well as golf equipment and go for a few rounds of golf. This is surely one classy way to organise your friend’s bucks party. It can also be a great way to escape the city and spend some time admiring the nature.


Apart from cars, men are also fond of guns and if the groom not open to the idea of hunting in Australia, then there is another way for the groom and his friends can play with a gun and that is through paintballing. There are several paintball venues in Australia so you might as well check them out one by one before making a reservation. There are even ones that can make you feel as if you are in a set of a movie, fighting off the bad guys with the gun.


While some men are into sports and action, there are also some men who loves doing something more calming yet heart racing at the same time, especially if they have caught a big fish. So, if you think that spending a day fishing in the water will make the groom’s dreams come true, then you can start organizing a fishing bucks party for him. Also, you can even cook the fish that have been caught during the day for dinner to together with other dishes served hot.

Pub Crawl

If you want to give your friend a night that he will not easily forget, then definitely arrange a pub crawl party for him. Allow him to have fun all night with his mate in the best strip clubs for buck parties in the country. Hit the town and create epic memories that are worth treasuring and would provide you a good laugh as you reminisce them during your older years. After all, a strip club is a place where the groom can have fun with the wildest crowd there is. It is also a place where intimacy, fun and entertainment co-exists and that’s what makes it the best bucks party idea ever.

Now, if you don’t want to undergo the trouble of preparing everything for your friend’s bucks night, then you can just consider availing the packages that are being offered in Sydney. They would be the ones to take care of everything for you and so, what is left for you to do is to inform the groom and ensure the presence of all his friends.